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Does Your Resume Pass the Six Second Test?

In today’s saturated job market, it’s no wonder recruiters are pressed for time when reviewing the stacks of resumes they get for each open position. In fact, did you know that the average recruiter spends only six seconds looking at each resume to decide whether the candidate could be a good fit for their company? You have limited time to make an impression, so make sure your resume can pass this time-sensitive test.


Passing the 6 Second Test

A resume that isn’t well organized or is visually cluttered will not keep a recruiter’s attention. Make sure your resume features the most important information clearly such as your name, current title and company, and details on your current position and education. If recruiters have quick and easy access to these basic facts, they’re more likely to read on. And resumes that do this are more likely to pass the six-second test.

Once you’ve captured a recruiter’s attention, keep it by providing the information they need to know. Don’t use vague statements – instead, present your skills and accomplishments concisely and include measurable results.


FREE Resume Review Service

It can be helpful to get a professional resume critique to ensure you’re focusing on the right aspects of your resume for improvement. A professional resume writer will know just what the hiring managers in your field are looking for and how to help you present that information in the best way.

With only six seconds to make a great impression, you should consider an expert’s help to make your resume pass with flying colors.

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