On-Site Recruiting (RPO) Services Oil and Gas



Choosing a Firm that Adds Value

No other oil and gas recruiting agency can give you as many talent acquisition options as PathFinder Staffing.  We have a solution that will meet any budget, GUARANTEED!  Since 1995, PathFinder Staffing has become an expert in the upstream and midstream sectors of the oil and gas market.  Over the years, we have developed relationships with experienced professionals at all levels within the industry.  By partnering with one of our Recruiters, our clients can now tap into our network and resources.

Our state of the art database harnesses the power of connecting with candidates through multiple platforms such as LinkedIn, Data.com, ZoomInfo using multiple technologies to connect with qualified candidates simultaneously.  Within hours of receiving a search assignment, your on-site Recruiter will have identified qualified professionals from across multiple networks and will be on the phone, selling your opportunity.

By contracting one of our on-site Recruiters, your firm will enjoy quicker ramp-up time for starting new projects and because your only expense is a fixed hourly rate, you will reduce your overall “cost per hire”.


Choosing a Firm with Proven Experience

We are a privately held boutique agency specializing in the global oil and gas industry.  Since 1995, PathFinder Staffing has become an expert in the upstream and midstream sectors of the oil and gas market.  Our Recruiters have on average 10 years’ industry experience recruiting in this sector.  We have been ranked by the Houston Business Journal in 2012 and 2014 in the top 25 of Houston’s Top Recruiting Firms.


Benefits of Partnering with a PFS On-Site Recruiter

  • Your on-site Recruiter will work closely with your management team to understand the unique requirements of the professionals you wish to engage.
  • Weekly Reporting:  All of our clients receive weekly detailed reports on our recruiting efforts.  Each report can be customized to meet your firms’ unique requirements.
  •  Contract Staffing:  As a PFS client, we can payroll your contractors at our cost saving you hundreds of dollars weekly per contractor.
  • Ability to run extensive background and reference checks at reduced cost.
  • Your on-site consultant will thoroughly interview and screen all qualified candidates freeing up your existing Talent Acquisition Team to focus on other tasks.


We Give You Flexible Pricing Options

By contracting one of our on-site Recruiters, you are not locked into any long term commitments.  We offer flexible options to meet each of our clients’ unique Recruiting needs.  We offer the following options:

  • No long-term time commitments:  Hire one of our consultants to work on site on a weekly basis.  Cancel at any time without penalty.
  • Hire a Virtual Consultant:  If you don’t need a Recruiter to work in house, you can contract one of our consultants to work virtually, further reducing your costs.
  • Hire a Contract Recruiter:  If you don’t need access to the PFS network and have your own infrastructure in place, you can manage your own experienced contract Recruiter at market rates plus a mark-up.
  • Hire a Recruiter:  If you would like to add to your existing staff, you can engage PathFinder Staffing to find an experience Recruiter to work as a direct hire employee.
  • One Time Fee:  For a one time fee (per search), we will identify qualified individuals (based on your requirements)  who are open to exploring career opportunities with your firm and would like to hear from your recruiting or management team.


If you would like to learn more, please call us at 888-253-8323 (Choose Option #2) or complete the form below and one of our Business Development Representatives will call you right away.