How to take your Job Search up a Notch

Previously I wrote about the power of using aggregators as a part of your job search strategy.  (A Quick Start Guide to your Job Search)  Simply put, an aggregator is a search engine dedicated only to job postings.  Instead of searching multiple job boards, you can use one web site (such as SimplyHired) to do your searching for you.  In addition to their convenience, they can also be powerful tools to use as part of your job search strategy.  One technique is to combine the power of the aggregator with your existing LinkedIn network.  Instead of just blindly emailing your resume to the company that is hiring, you can leverage your existing network to get your foot in the door.  Here’s how.

First, go to  In the search box, type in your key words.  I would recommend starting off simple and then refine your search based on your results.  In this example, I will search all job listings that have the words “SharePoint Administrator” and I will target my search within a 25 mile radius of my home zip code.  You will notice that in the left side column in your search results, you will have several filter options which can be very useful.

Create Alerts

Once you refine your search, you will notice that you can create an email alert.  This tool can be very useful in your job search.  Every time a new job posting matches one of your alerts, you will receive an email first thing in the morning alerting you to the new job post.  I would recommend that you create several alerts based on different criteria.  (For instance, you can create alerts for different job titles, for specific companies, different areas, etc.)

Filter by Agency

One of the most underused tools is the “Recruiters” filter.  Suppose you are trying to find work on a offshore rig.  You can filter your search results to show you jobs posted only by recruiting agencies.  Find the agencies that tend to have a lot of openings in the niche you are targeting and chances are they will specialize in that niche.  You will increase your odds of finding a job through an agency if they specialize in the area that you are targeting.

Add the Power of Your LinkedIn Network

SimplyHired now allows you to combine your search results with your LinkedIn network.  You will now notice in  the right hand column of your search results, a box titled “Who Do I Know?”  When you turn on this feature, a wonderful thing happens.

Once you activate, you will notice to the right of each job posting, a thumbnail of your LinkedIn connection that works at the company or agency that posted the ad.  Now, instead of emailing your resume to the abyss that is Human Resources, you can network directly with your LinkedIn contact.  Happy Hunting!!

 Tim Cook is the President and Founder of PathFinder Staffing, an Oil and Gas Recruiting agency located in Houston, Texas.  If you are an oil and gas professional or would like to get into the oil and gas industry, you can register on our web site at or click here to submit your resume and sign up for our monthly jobs newsletter.  To talk to one of our Recruiters, call us toll free at 888-253-8323.

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  • 18 Apr, 2013
  • Tim Cook

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